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Game News
Welcome to the Legion of Honour homepage. feel free to look through our library which will be constantly expanding with new information. also please check the raid calendar frequently as we will be hosting events. sign up and list the role you wish to fulfill. we will take people who do not sign up but those registered have preffered status and are guaranteed a spot if they are within requirements of the instance. If you have any questions about gameplay or other ingame features please contact our leader Spiriteth, her second in command Edreck, or any of our officers. If you are experiencing troubles with the website please mail Kassey with your problems and we will try to get the issue resolved. Thank you
Rules and Regulations
General Rules
1) Rudeness over public channels or toward members of the kinship WILL NOT be tolerated.
2) We will not power level so do not ask.
3) Do not spam any chat channels. 
4) Do not attempt to sell anything to kinship members. If you wish to make money on your crafted products take it to Auction House. 
5) No one under age 16 will be considered for recruitment.
6) No new members under level 20 will be considered for recruitment unless they already have a 20+ toon in the kin. 
7) New recruits will remain recruit status for a time period no less than 7 days.
8) If you need help we will be glad to help you if there is no way for you to solo what your trying. If the problem lies with your level being too low, level first then try again.
9) If disciplinary action is taken against you by an officer, you have the right to appeal to the second in command or the kin leader. When this liberty is taken both the member in issue and the accusing officer must be present for appeal to take place. The officer being appealed to will hear both sides before judging in favor of or against the member in question. Once the ruling by the 2nd in command or Kinship leader has been passed, there are no further appeals.
10) When leading a group into an instance, it is not considered rude to dismiss someone who is causing undue distress or repair bills by not following orders. Use your own judgement in dismissing anyone from fellowships. 
Code of Discipline 

1) First violation of ANY Rule will result in probationary demotion in rank from member to recruit for a time period exceeding no more than two weeks.
2) While on probationary period, if any charge is brought against you by any member/officer that is deemed a serious charge will result in immediate dismissal from the Kinship. **NOTE** (Any charge that may result in dismissal will be heard by the officers of the kinship and evaluated. If the charge is deemed petty, it will be dismissed.)
3) If dismissed from the kinship, re-admittance will not be considered at any time. You will be considered banned permanently.
4) If you have had a probationary period and have been re-promoted to member after probation is over and later repeat the offense, You will be immediately dismissed from the Kinship. 
5) Before dismissal for any second offense, you have the right to appeal to the 2nd in command or kinship leader. 
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Legion of Honour is now recruiting new active members over lvl 20. We are trying to become an active instance/raid kinship. We are recruiting all classes but currently have a special interest in healers. While knowing how to play your class well is not a requirement it is preferred. So apply quickly
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